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Drumeo Edge Review: The Best Online Resources

Drumeo Edge Review: The Best Online Resources

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Learn to play drumsIf you want to learn how to play the drums, your options are normally considered too few to count. You can try free online video sites, and look for free lessons, but the value offered is questionable at best, and the videos don’t go into too much depth.

For anyone interested in avoiding this hassle and staying away from the hefty costs of professional lessons, a brand new alternative is presented through Drumeo Edge – the most comprehensive video learning experience currently available on the web. With crystal clear lessons offered by more than 40 professional instructors, high quality materials, and support from a large online community, learning to play the drums with Drumeo will be easier than ever! Having tested the product we give you our full drumeo edge review below.

What You Get in the Course

Drumeo Edge offers comprehensive advantages when compared to private drumming lessons and regular online courses and videos. First of all, the course is available online, so you can follow all the lessons from your home. You get full online access 24/7 to the to the Ultimate Online Drum Lesson Experience™, and the Drumeo online community forum. There is also a new live lesson provided each day.

Additionally, beginners can learn from over 1,500 hours of on-demand video lessons, and gain access to student plans and video reviews, as well as dozens of play-along songs with new tracks added every week. You even get various bonus lessons and extras for free, and their overall value currently amounts to more than $300.

Lesson Format

The lessons are straightforward, easy to follow and structured in an orderly fashion. The video quality is excellent, and the instructors use a friendly approach when displaying, describing and teaching the various techniques and approaches that are provided with each lesson.

After showing you the technique discussed in the lesson, the teacher will explain the concept and proceed with going over all the exercises for viewers to follow. Sheet music will be shown, if you choose to follow along, and lessons can last anything from 30 minutes to an hour and a half.

The video lessons cover everything from playing double bass and picking up speed, to stick tricks. You also get to submit your own suggestions regarding the topics you’d like covered in future lessons.

The videos work on all mobile devices, and existing lessons are neatly arranged in a list that you can browse through as soon as you gain access. The great thing about live Drumeo lessons is that the schedule is published up to 6 weeks in advance, so you have plenty of time to plan on attending them, regardless of which part of the world you live in.

Access to A Large Song Library

The play-along library has an impressive number of songs you can follow. Some of the tunes are basic, while others also feature a demonstration video and no less than three downloadable MP3 files. One of the files features a clicktrack, the second is without clicktrack and the third is a full drum version.

There are currently more than 100 play-along songs in the Drumeo library, with new songs offered on a regular basis. You also get the chance to submit your own requests for new songs, as part of Drumeo’s policy to maintain an interactive and flexible community.

Quality Drumeo Edge Instructors

Drumeo is the only online drumming community that actually gives you the chance to learn from some of the best drummers in the world. While some are lesser known, but still highly skilled, other instructors are world-class, and you can imagine how difficult it would be to get a private lesson from them.

The lessons are completely exclusive, so you can be sure you won’t find them anywhere else. Also, since all the teachers have their own unique style and approach, you can pick your own preferred instructors and focus mainly on their lessons.Man Playing in a Band

Among the 40+ drumming instructors currently showcasing lessons for Drumeo are famous names such as Peter Erskine from Weather Report, Jim Riley from Rascal Flatts and Kenny Aronoff from the legendary 1970s rock band, Lynyrd Skynyrd.

The Forum and Community

Drumeo Edge is not just a set of static drumming lessons you can get on DVD. It’s also a dynamic online community where members can take part in lively conversations and share their experience.

Through the supportive Drumeo community, you can ask questions from professional trainers and share your experiences with other students. You are also able to post comments on videos and take part in lengthy discussions regarding specific drumming techniques and lessons. There’s even a Student Focus section, where students can upload their own videos, and their instructors may point out mistakes or give advice based on the student’s performance.

When you think that the price you pay for Drumeo edge is more than ten times lower than what you’d normally pay for professional drumming lessons, and the quality provided is actually much higher, opting for this package is definitely starting to sound like a good bargain. Moreover, the online support and community, and the many hours of valuable video lessons will make your experience completely invaluable.

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